The Definitive Guide

To Selling in the 21st Century.

STAR Consultative Selling is the ultimate online programme for increasing your sales effectiveness. STAR Consultative Selling will guide you through developing your own comprehensive sales strategy, tailored to your target market - from the very start of the sales process to the close. 

This programme is for any sales professional that wants to increase margins, improve conversion rates, increase buyer motivation, reduce sales cycles and have more profitable conversations with prospects.

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  • Rationale

    Buyer behaviour has changed since global financial crisis (GFC) of 2008. Procurement professionals are better informed and demand more from suppliers. Competition remains strong and it can be a struggle to find that elusive point of differentiation. How can we meet these challenges of selling in the 21st century? How can we maximize our sales and get more than our “default” share of the business? How can we get an “unfair” share? This well researched programme focuses on the use of consultative selling to position you as a trusted advisor, rather than a commodity “box seller”. It will assist to both differentiate and sell on value rather than on cheap prices. It will help improve sales whilst protecting your margins

  • Problem

    In spite of this modern buying climate many salespeople cling to dated practices such as “benefits” based selling. This is an issue in the 21st century because most industries have matured. Your competitors offer very similar or even identical products as a result. “Benefits” selling therefore offers little or zero differentiation. The result is a commoditized conversation with customers revolving around price. But that’s not all. Very recent research reveals that “relationship selling” is now the least effective path to results. Does your sales team rely on this practice? What type of salesperson is now the proven high performer?

  • Developed by Experts

    The programme was designed by expert multi-million dollar salespeople who combine their experience with the greatest research project in the history of sales. The results of evaluating over 1,000,000 salespeople give key insights into what kind of practices actually work in the modern economic climate.


Gain the tools necessary to:

  • Develop into high performing sales stars

  • Master 80 percent of the equation - their sales mindset

  • Identify and manage psychological barriers to sales effectiveness

  • Develop strong strategic sales capability resulting in the ability to differentiate themselves and your company, work to a reliable process and become more efficient

  • Build your brand by impacting on their target market as highly professional advisors

  • Sell on value as opposed to price

  • Increase sales

  • Maintain good margins

Course curriculum

  • 1

    1. Introduction

    • Welcome!

    • 1. STAR Consultative Selling Intro Video

    • Introductory Questions

    • STAR Consultative Selling Workbook Download

    • One Page Sales Plan PDF Download

  • 2

    2. The Power of Mindset

    • Will We Or Won’t We?

    • 2. The Power of Mindset Video

    • The Power of Mindset Quiz

  • 3

    3. Sales DNA

    • Sales DNA intro

    • 3. Sales DNA Video

    • Sales DNA Quiz

  • 4

    4. How to Manage Sales Weaknesses

    • How to Manage Hidden Weaknesses

    • 4. How to Manage Sales Weaknesses Video

    • How to Manage Sales Weaknesses Quiz

  • 5

    5. Know Your Target Market

    • Know Your Target Market

    • 5. Know Your Target Market Video

    • Know Your Target Market Quiz

  • 6

    6. Your Sales Process

    • Sales Process

    • Sales Process Template

    • 6. Your Sales Process Video

    • Your Sales Process Quiz

  • 7

    7. Selling in the 21st Century

    • Selling in The 21st Century

    • 7. Selling in the 21st Century Video

    • Selling in The 21st Century Quiz

  • 8

    8. Lead Generation

    • Lead Generation

    • 8. Lead Generation Video

    • Lead Generation Quiz

  • 9

    9. Initiating Contact

    • Initiating contact

    • 9. Initiating Contact Video

    • Initiating Contact Quiz

  • 10

    10. The Greeting

    • The Greeting

    • 10. The Greeting Video

    • The Greeting Quiz

  • 11

    11. The Consultative Interview

    • The Consultative Interview

    • 11. The Consultative Interview Video

    • The Consultative Interview Quiz

  • 12

    12. The Consultative Presentation

    • The Consultative Presentation

    • 12. The Consultative Presentation Video

    • The Consultative Presentation Quiz

  • 13

    13. Handling Objections

    • Handling Objections

    • 13. Handling Objections Video

    • Handling Objections Quiz

  • 14

    14. Closing Part 1

    • Closing

    • 14. Closing (Part 1) Video

    • Closing (Part 1) Quiz

  • 15

    15. Closing Part 2

    • Closing Examples

    • 15. Closing (Part 2) Video

    • Closing (Part 2) Quiz

  • 16

    16. Account Management

    • Account Management

    • 16. Account Management Video

    • Account Management Quiz